Pre-Construction & Planning Services

Pre-Construction & Planning


When you retain Eastern Companies and Eastern Construction as your construction manager, you’ve taken the first step in guaranteeing a successful project. Once chosen, Eastern will recommend that the owner, construction manager, architect and engineer meet on a regular basis to discuss the construction program, budget and scheduling. Eastern will chair the meetings and distribute the minutes to all involved parties. Once Eastern is in receipt of a signed fee agreement and deposit, as a value-added incentive and a gesture of good faith we will provide to you, at zero cost, all pre-construction services described below.

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  • Design & contractor recommendations
  • Pre-construction coordination & budgeting
  • Set-up reporting and accounting procedures
  • Establish allowances/contingencies
  • Establish preliminary construction schedule
  • Evaluate mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Evaluate architectural and structural site components
  • Provide value engineering analysis
  • Establish general conditions list
  • Prepare bid lists and initiated activities
  • Update master schedule
  • Review design development drawings
  • Review plans for constructability
  • Bid and purchase long leads items if necessary
  • Establish bid alternates
  • Provide construction schedule for inclusion in construction documents
  • Determine divisions of work to bid
  • Finalize bid lists
  • Bid independent testing laboratory services